Websites about student loans are a dime-a-dozen, so why should you bother with this one?

Hi! I’m Shubha K. Chakravarthy. I’ve worked in lending and financial services industries for over two decades.

I created this platform to provide more support to people looking to win the battle against student debt.

For a busy professional with a life to live and a career to succeed at, there is a shortage of support, mentorship and practical tools to help you get to zero student loans.

It’s hard to find a clear space in which you can:

  • silence the noise
  • separate the wheat from the chaff, and
  • take calm and purposeful action towards your goal of zero debt, and financial agency.

We want to bridge that gap.

The mission of Student Loan Odyssey is to:

  • be your trusted ally in your journey to conquer student debt
  • bring everything together in one place to help you achieve victory
  • provide the tools that bring clarity and power you need to succeed in your journey
  • create space in your mind to help you move purposefully forward with purpose and confidence

Our goal is to provide you with

  • Simple, clear and actionable explanations of what’s what
  • Ways to track and manage progress
  • Simple tools to speed up progress
  • Tangible help with “the numbers”
  • Actionable support on spending less, saving more and paying off debt faster
  • A friendly, impartial and objective voice to help you focus on what’s important and effective in your journey


About me


I’ve worked in financial services for two decades, and in the lending and credit industry for the main part of those years. I’ve worked at McKinsey & Co., Allstate Financial, and HSBC. I have an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

I spent almost a decade working to understand and provide solutions for distressed subprime mortgage borrowers affected by the Great Recession, so I feel especially close to the problems wrought by debt, to the economy, but especially to individuals. I’ve been working hard on Student Loan Odyssey so that I can better use my experience to help real people achieve their dreams without being shackled by student debt.

I created the Financial Self-Determination Manifesto to clearly articulate my beliefs on how personal finance should be managed, as well as to act as the compass in how this whole platform operates, and should operate. You can check it out here.

Find out more about me on LinkedIn here. You can find more views and opinions on topics intimately connected to your journey on my blog on this site. If you’re interested in more, check out my views on how the financial services industry can better help people navigate their personal finances on my personal blog here.

Most of all, please connect with me to share specific challenges and areas you need help with, so I can continue to sharpen the focus at Student Loan Odyssey on being a better ally to you on this important journey in your life!

Email me at skc at studentloanodyssey dot com


How we make money:

We make money from providing products, services and consultations to individuals like you. Our goal and obligation is to be able to provide many times the value to you, of what you pay us.

We are also paid when readers click on links on our site, typically to lenders that provide refinance products.

Because we also receive compensation from sellers, we take a serious view of our obligation to you, the user, and operate to standards of editorial and operational integrity as we conduct our business. This includes providing as much transparency as possible on sources of compensation.

Our philosophy as a business is to strive to be the best go-to source for each one of our members and users. We are not about growing and scaling fast, at whatever cost. We’d rather be right and useful than big. Not taking venture capital enables us to dictate the direction, the terms on which we strive to serve those who give us the privilege of partnering with them on this journey!


Important disclaimer:

Please note that content on Student Loan Odyssey is provided for informational and educational purposes only.


The information and materials provided on this site are provided on a best-efforts basis, with the best information, knowledge and expertise we have available to us. These will be subject to the inherent uncertainty in how future events unfold. These uncertainties include changes in the economy, regulatory landscape and personal financial circumstances.

We make every effort to maximize the transparency of the assumptions behind our recommendations, so that you can make an independent and informed decision on your go-forward strategy. We are fully committed to and make every effort to run our business in line with the Financial Self-Determination Manifesto.

Refinancing federal loans causes the borrower to lose access to income based repayment plans as well as the PSLF program.

We may earn compensation from advertising partners when you click on links on this site.

Student Loan Odyssey is not a debt settlement or debt relief company. We do not provide tax or legal advice.


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